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About us

We are an award winning Alumni Engagement company on a mission to build the best Alumni software possible.

Our mission

To design

An alumni engagement platform for the new generation of alumni. Mobile, gamification based, modern, fun, and addicting.

To develop

A solution that allows your graduates to build stronger alumni connections, establish new University communities, and create new job opportunities.

To support

Better ways to reach your alumni by providing robust data sets and providing you with unique connection and networking analytics.

Our services

Social media

Give your alumni the ability to sign in with LinkedIn and receive data on their professional career and interests.

Alumni Networking

Allow your graduates to find each other in their immediate area, making it as easy as possible to grab coffee and network.

Data solutions

Interactive and modern data that helps you reach your alumni and understand them like never before.

Advanced Filters

Your grads can now find each other by major, industry, profession, graduation year, and the affinity of their organizations.


Alumni connect with each other based on their distance, creating new University communities all over the world.


We create fun and creative ways for you to reward alumni when they become more engaged.

Our team

Who are we?
Meet the team behind the dream.

AJ Agrawal (CEO) does a little bit of everything at Alumnify. He's a team player, and is always ready for a quick run or pick up basketball.

Eghosa Aihie (Chief Hustler) is half man half machine. Rumor has it he doesn't sleep and only takes naps. In his spare time he does yoga at the beach.

Michael Greenberg (Gentleman of Technology) loves food, learning, and a variety of whiskeys. He can often be caught reading about architecture and investing when not coding.

David Duggins (Level 20 Wizard) loves penguins and recursive acronyms. When he is not hacking bits of the internet, he enjoys doing stuff in doors like D&D and Magic.

Michael Dedrick (Lead Designer) enjoys a good nights rest, a great movie and neatly kerned fonts. When he's not thinking about robots and flying cars, he is designing something pretty epic.

Nathan Ziebart (iOS developer) is a fan of hiking, traveling, and philosophy. When not writing code, he's playing the keyboard and trying to come up with the next big idea.

Nicole Ager (Engagement Specialist) is focused on brainstorming innovative new ways for young alumni to connect with Alumnify, but she still finds time to stay active with spin or a quick run.

Fabrizio Ellis (Intern) is a first generation American. He is also an amateur boxer and trains after work every day.

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Pricing details


  • Under 30,000 Alumni Base
  • University Filter
  • Donation Compatible
  • Robust Data
  • Login with LinkedIn
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  • Up to 100,000 Alumni Base
  • University Filter
  • Donation Compatible
  • Robust Data
  • Login with LinkedIn
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  • Over 100,000 Alumni Base
  • University Filter
  • Donation Compatible
  • Robust Data
  • Login with LinkedIn
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  • "The single most critical issue facing alumni associations today is the challenge to engage young alumni in a meaningful and relevant manner. Alumnify provides a platform for greater connectivity and networking that will benefit members in their first job search as well as interacting with fellow alumni for the rest of their lives."

    W. Lee Bussell, Past President, University of South Carolina Alumni Association
  • " alumni engagement platform optimized for an entirely new generation of college alumni."

    Tech Cocktail
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